Thursday, November 09, 2006

szabadidő and by the way the locals call it Pest

Every city has a series of nicknames: those the tourists use and that which the locals use. Take for example, San Francisco: the tourists call in San Fran or Frisco which, if you live there, sounds like nails on blackboard because as we all know it is called The City. Or, Budapest where by tourists pronounce it with an /s/ while the locals and the saavy know it is an /sh/, BudapeSHt. But the nickname or what they don't tell you is that the Magyar recognize it as two separate cities or Buda and Pest. And so if you know this you sound less like an idiot in their eyes.

Why am I talking about this? Good question, This morning, after finding the wee one like this: we had to travel to Pest, as we had an errand to run. Since we will soon be celebrating our wedding anniversary, we decided to stay for the day and treat ourselves a little with a late Thai lunch and beer at a bar in the middle of the afternoon. I may also have gone to the yarn store to get my fix; but it all balances out because Zoli made me spend an hour at the fishing store.

Anyway, we made our way and were on our way for lunch, a delicious Thai lunch. A taste we had not savored in more than a year. They could have served dog food with a sprig of cilantro, calling it thai food. I would have bought it, such was my craving for foreign cuisine. Not that they did or would have On our way there, in a foreign city where I do not live, in a foreign host country, we saw a guy we knew. Hey, guy I know on a bus, how's it goin'?

We knew we were in trouble when we turned down an alley that forbid grandfathers and grandchildren from strolling hand-in-hand... dum-de-dum. But really, what DOES it mean? We were utterly confused.

Lunch was wonderfully refreshing despite the buckets of rain that fell. We tried a little bit of everything, they even had thai iced tea, yay. We walked and talked and spent time as a couple. We laughed alot, ate and drank alot, and kissed alot.

It was great.

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Lisa said...

Yeay. GOod for you. A day like that sounds utterly wonderful. And thai food. Mmmmmm