Friday, November 10, 2006

stubborn is as stubborn does

The grandchildren in my family have proved that the 5penny genes need a little beating in the early years. We tend to breed them as stubborn as sin: last night, my 18 month old nephew had an hour long standoff with my mom, his grandma, over picking up a piece of gum that he threw on the floor. In fact, all six of the kids have this same demeanor. They are not idle, sit still and play nice kids, but rather they are active, agressive, hands on players. They are bossy and dictatorial. They are non-conforming to the role of obedient child... and they are beautiful.

According to my parents, these children are mirrors of their parents as children and this gives them no end of comfort. They chuckle when we call with the updates of parental abuse, like, when Zoli threatened to throw Julia's toys away if she refused to help us clean her room. She refused, he bagged them up, and she NEVER asked for them back. That was 2 years ago. We even, after two months, inquired after them and she acted all disinterested. Or, when my niece refused to say please for three days for an M&M.

We also have a sense of humor but man, if we believe we are right, well then, WE ARE RIGHT.

Look at these faces, how could they not be right.

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Food Mum said...

Those genes seem to be in our family too, the only way round it with mine it to avoid the direct challenge except in extremis and try for the humourous or game playing approach to getting things done. We also had to resort to bagging up any toys untidied. They stayed bagged for months, never even missed.