Wednesday, November 08, 2006

bay-em-bah we go

So, apparently, my husband needs to write an official (notarized) invitation, extending the use of his house, to me, his wife. And I, likewise, to my daughter. This is in order to be issued a temporary residence permit. I filled out the same paperwork last year for my visa but, I guess they don't keep a file of the entire immigration process. Each application requires fresh, costly copies of crap we thought we took care. The background check, I understand; the verification of monetary funds, cool; but an invitation to stay in my own home?

And just when we thought it just couldn't get weirder (well we were sure it could we just didn't believe it would), the powers at the BM Bah (immigration) requested that I place my Hungarian Forints in an inaccesible savings account (to assuage their fears of my silly dollars becoming sillier forints, or what?) to guarantee that I will have money for the duration of the permit's validity. (2 years) An Hungarian account, by the way, my own two american accounts are not acceptable.

To which I countered, if my funds are frozen (essentially) with what will I buy food, pay bills, or contribute to their failing economy?

Ahh, but the interest rate is higher.

Ohh, well okay then, sign me up. That makes perfect sense.


LetterB said...

I must delurk to sympathize. I have been through this process and it makes kafka look like a utopian. When the paperwork was finally finished and accepted, they discovered an irrelevant flaw and I had to go back write (and get officially translated and notorized) what was essentially a note of apology before they would put the paperwork through. And then, after I finally got my hard-won munka vallalasi engedely it was stolen a month later by a pickpocket. (That was a dark day). But, *smiles broadly* I'm sure it won't be that bad for you. Sok szerencsét and all that. (ps. Found you through nablopomo and really enjoying your stories.)

Snoskred said...

I'm just trying to visit as many of the NaBloPoMo blogs as I can and I thought I'd say hi, I liked your blog.. :) It totally makes no sense what they're asking you to do, but I guess that's government for ya.. ;(

Food Mum said...

Good luck with the bureaucracy. When I first came to SA the charge for applying for residency was R10,000 about 1200 dollars, even if you were married to a SA citizen. I was outraged and existed on a temporary permit. Luckily they scrapped the fee for spouses by the time we came out here for the second time, so I am now official!