Sunday, November 26, 2006

hear me lash out at nothing

Holy hell, this extended vacation can get boring. And before you get all snarky with the poor little 5penny, hangs out, no job to go to, living in a foreign country, boo hoo you f'ing bitch... Let me say this: were this a true vacation, where my spoiled rich ass could hang out and do whatever, I would totally agree with the snark. But, because we moved here with the grandiose plan of self-employment that was thwarted prettymuch the moment we got here, we have been "on vacation" insomuchas we do not work but we are also living off our life savings. Therefore, I am not said spoiled rich girl: there is very little traveling involved, very little movement involved, actually.

As an example, may I present a week in the life of 5penny: With the exception of delivering and picking up daughter from preschool, I sit still, knit, watch friends*, make food/bake something, interact with said child, and sleep. Wash, rinse, repeat. Every. Single. Day. And while it is fun and has it's moments, and while I wouldn't trade this year for all the money in the world (or even the savings that is dwindling) it has it's boring moments. Wah. Boo hoo. Poor baby.

In other news, LOOK! I made pretty-pretties. Fingerless gloves, yay me! But I've realized that 5penny don't do gloves...they each take an entire day of non stop knitting AND I still have to make a matching pair to each of these, ack.

See, those two green gloves? Yeah, they were supposed to be a pair for my neice, but apparently she would like a pair that are the same size. What's up with that?

Even though they look almost the same size, it's really the angle of the photo. Let's take a closer looksy, shall we? Yup, definitely NOT the same... dammit...

*This is me whispering, it is my other secret shame. I cannot get enough, I am a sad, sad creature.


Anonymous said...

The reason that the gloves are two different sizes is because your gauge is off. Gauge is how many stiches per inch you get, I suspect your gauge is off because of your tension or how loose or tight you hold the yarn. Was the bigger glove the first one you knit? If so, your tension was loose on the first glove and as you got better your tension tightend up on the second glove or your first glove was tight and you relaxed on the second one. Your choices at this point are to figure out which one you like and rip out one and start over after measuring your stiches per inch. In order to recreate that size you may need to play with your tension or you may need to go up or down a needle size. Yes, the size of your needle has a lot to do with your gauge as well. Or you may want to rip our both and start over. I'm really impressed, most new knitters don't start with knitting in the round and cables so you have an awesome learning curve, at the rate you are going you should be able to do fair isle (two handed knitting) in like two weeks. I believe that knitty has several really good articles on gauge and how that affects your finished projects. If you hit a lot of knitting blogs, gauge problems are common even for people who have been knitting forever. Also, the correct terminology for not being able to knit the second half of a pair of something it second sock syndrome or in your case second glove syndrome, your best bet is to watch a lot of Friends while you knit to finish all of those gloves. When I knit socks I watch a lot of X-Files for some reason I get a lot of knitting done that way. Sorry this is so long, I'm going to include my e-mail address if you have any other questions. Toni in Oregon,

rachel said...

i'm knitting fingerless gloves too! but mine are just in plain stockingette, since i'm only knitting them because i'm tired of cabling scarves.

Thany said...

Your secret shame? I have it too. My children know when to clap, they know the sounds of the Friends voices and I probably know almost every episode. Why does it make me so happy at the end of a long day?

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