Tuesday, November 28, 2006

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Zoli and I have decided (after watching an hours' worth of news) that although we love life and its' gadgets, we really really don't much care for human relations. Any like minded thinkers wanna go in on an island? We could totally gadget it up and make it undetectable like in Spy Kids 2... Oh no, I've said too much, haven't I. I swear I've never seen the movie unaccompanied by a child. (My inner child counts, right?)

It could've been worse, I could have actually left the comment I wanted to over at letterb, "...coincedence, hey that's Jo-incedence with a /c/." Just to prove the seriousness of my friends addiction. Oh, and by the way, Thany - if you're out there, Julia said the other day, "Joey's my favorite, but Chandler's the goodest (meaning funny) one." It feels so good to come out of hiding: when I lived in San Francisco it was seriously uncool to enjoy it and so I learned to be discreet despite their inexplicable devotion to Desperate Housewives...

(BTW, the title is taken from the title of some spam currently sitting in my bulk box, I thought it fitting since I basically just spammed you all by talking about nothing, AGAIN.)

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Kit said...

Not nothing AGAIN! and didn't we work out that uncool is the new cool, so you're cool now!