Friday, November 24, 2006

suckage is november

Geesh. I had such high hopes for this NaBloPoMo thing. And then we had the three day fever/puke fest. And then a four day immobilizing migraine. And then my husband's laptop died and he confiscated mine because apparently his clients' design work is more important than my blogging habit. The nerve, eh.

So, congratulations to those of you who've actually made it thus far, only a couple of days left; a big thank you to those who've stopped by and commented (my husband thanks those of you who left links for me to waste a greater part of my day *wink*).

There's a man pacing the ground behind me, so anxious is he to resume contact with a keyboard...


LetterB said...

Total bummer about the computer. Keep posting when you can!

Happy Thanksgiving! Sending you virtual pumpkin pie.

Kit said...

It's hard to convince a husband of the priority that needs to be given to blogging, especially during November. I'm lucky that I now have my own computer...just hope his holds out..but still get the odd sideways look, when it's him alone on the sofa and I'm still at the keyboard. Better go!