Wednesday, October 11, 2006

soooo not laughing now

Holy Mother of Crap, my toe still hurts. As in, I may have to go to icky, Hungarian, subpar hospital because I. Cannot. Walk. Teh internets assure me that this is the result of having a broken 1st metatarsal. Which some people don't realize for days when their toe is broken and here I am in bed with an icepack (frozen powdered sugar), elevation, and PAIN!

Who knew that such a small appendage was completely vital to the whole balance thing and could hurt so goddamn much?

Maybe I shouldn't be allowed to write drunk posts any longer, as I don't seem able to multitask while drunk. (e.g. walk with both feet.)But, I can offer a photoessay in honor of paprika.

Discovering Language
A conversation with my mom while strolling through the local farmer's market.

Mom: So, What do they call this?

Photo Courtesy of Meeta A

5penny: Paprika.

Mom: And this?

photo courtesy of Meeta

5penny: Um, paprika.

Mom: Well, what about this?

photo by CedarKnollFarms

5penny: Mom? I'm going to save you a lot of repition. Everything you consider to be: chili, bell pepper, jalapeño, habanero, thai, pasilla, etc. is called paprika. It's the word they use for chili and/or pepper.

Mom: You mean that's what paprika spice is? Just plain ole chili powder?

Photo by Koreni

5penny: Uh. Well, it's just plain ole chili powder from HUNGARY... Marketing's pretty cool, eh?


Food Mum said...

Ouch! I had a broken bone in my foot once and it was agony, I ended up in plaster, just to immobilise it, which felt better, but then I was in plaster so had to clonk around the place, for one tiny broken bone. I sympathise!

By the way I agree entirely on the recipe rant.

Lisa said...

Oh wow. I hope you feel better soon. I hope you get good drugs to put you in a happy, medicated place. (Ah. And then once you're there, can I have some. I need a happy, medicated place. heehee.)