Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Things I miss and some I don't

Things I Miss:

10. Driving. I'm not advocating that people should drive more but, I've only driven twice since moving here and I miss it. I like walking and riding the rail but, you know, the power of driving, ahhh...

9. I was going to write Target or something, maybe a brand I reconize, but then I realized that I really enjoy the small stores, the nuance of not finding everything in one giant superstore. But there's a lot of quality control issues here also, I don't go anywhere so what do I need with new clothes?

8. Eating out. Thai, Indian, hotdog on a stick, whatever. mmm, something I didn't make and is not breaded and overcooked. Sushi, ahh, unagi.

7. Friends. I was trying to decide if this was closer to no.1, but I'm a recluse by nature and as much as I miss my friends, most of them didn't live anywhere near me before I changed countries...so that's pretty much the same.

6. Family. I miss my family. Alot, actually. But for like a day. I love them but I haven't spent gobs of time with them since I was a teenager. If I could just hop on over for a couple days and then nip on back, it would be perfect.

5. Coffeeshops, even starbucks... ahh, the joy of hazelnut flavored coffee, sitting on someone else's couch, doing the same thing as at home but in public. Oh, gawd. Walking down the street with a paper cup full of my own personal, free to access the public disposable cup.

4. The Lack of Seasons. When we moved here I was excited about seasons. Growing up in California, we never really had any. Seasons, that is. I'm not anymore... At first, I was all ooh, the leaves, so pretty. The changing light, the layering of clothes: too hot for a jacket, too cold for a tanktop. But when it hit a low of 28 degrees, I'm not loving fall anymore. Winter should be the shortest season of the year, not the longest. I already miss my skirts.

3. amazon.com for cheap books, delivered in days, not months. How I long to read something new...

2. A Washer AND a Dryer.

1. Leaving the house without a plan and a quick looksy at the dictionary for words specific to my search. Oh, how I long to walk down the street knowing that my words will defend and define me.

Things I don't miss,

1. Working.

2. My cell phone.

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