Tuesday, January 24, 2006

hide and seek

One of our favorite winter pasttimes is playing indoor hide and seek with Julia. Her theory is as follows: no one can see me, ergo I am invisible. She's not ridiculously naive or selfish, my Julia, she's just four. We've been practicing the concept of fair play and following "the rules" but such bullshit rhetoric is lost on my baby girl.

Fuck ignorance, innocence is bliss!

The most recent game included me, my husband, Julia and our 14 yr old niece. Let me sidestep for a moment and explain that attempting to hide in our apartment ( a communist solution for living in a post-communist society; read - an extremely tight fitting 1 bedroom apt in Manhattan or San Francisco, you pick.) is much akin to trying to find a hidden nook in a shoe closet. There is literally, 1 closet and this is no ordinary closet but a pantry; it is Stalin's idea of population control: place all of your dry goods, the tupperware that you keep inheriting from your mother-in-law, all brooms, mops, vacuums and CHEMICAL SOLVENTS together in a 2x2 cubby with a door and a light. So again, we're playing hide-and-seek and Julia decrees that it is Fani's turn to seek. We encourage J to find her own hiding spot and so she runs for the pantry. She runs back to her room yelling in Hungarian "wait, don't 1-2-3, wait" to retrieve her stepstool, runs back, turns on the light to the pantry, shuts the door starts to count in Hungarian, "egy, ketto, harom... stops, opens the door and shouts, "okay, 1-2-3 now" closes the door and counts to 10 in her most official tone.

My husband and I are falling on the floor laughing when she reaches ten around the same time as Fani and tears out of the pantry in search of the searcher. I've never seen such a confused 14 yr old!

Good times, man, better than any high I've ever been on.

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