Friday, January 13, 2006

tales from the carpathian basin

of all the places i ever imagined myself (and believe me when i say the voices in my head are quite fantastic), i imagined spain or somewhere-latin-america-like, india or nepal as a place distinct enough to warrant the travel to. someplace warm with history up to your armpits, cool saris' and fabrics, maybe a beach or two, who knows. that i would wake up this morning and every morning in hungary takes some getting used to, if you know what i mean.

not that i don't want to be here, cause i do. this is where my husband, zoli, is from, it's definititely foreign and i've been told that the summers here are hot and humid. besides, hungarian is purportedly the hardest language for native english speakers to learn! i will overcome. i'll do it faster than them; i've studied linguistics, i must have the upper hand. hehehe - this is me laughing at my own stupidity! it is, according to me and those fantastical beings living upstairs, the hardest language period. not impossible but hard enough to understand why zoli's english was soooo weird when we first met.

yeah, so, we've been here for 3 months now and somehow as the language reveals itself to me, it becomes more complex. i've currently rated myself as a 2 yr old. i can make demands; give me juice, i go now, don't like. and i can answer questions that require minimal concepts such as; are you thirsty, hungary?, do you like this color?, etc. it makes you feel like a tyrant, which is amusing at first. think about it: no one will judge you, they're excited you're even trying to speak their language!

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