Friday, September 07, 2007


I've been up, I've been down, it has been a whirlwind that is finally slowing. Things are going, albeit slowly, and I believe the right path lay right around the corner. You see, my mom had shoulder surgery a month ago and besides the tear being bigger than they had thought, she suffered an allergic reaction to... something and almost died in the recovery room. So, priority az első is taking care of my mom and her house.

Julia is, I think, having a ball in Kindergarten. She's in the same class as her cousin and I overheard this bit of gold the other afternoon on the way home:

(Girls comparing their "smart" levels in the backseat, based on knowing their Alphafriends)

J: So, you know before there was us, there was NOTHING. The volcano took it away and the dinosirs died and for a long time there was nothing and then this green stuff came, algae, and then monkeys become us! And that's the Oreos of Life.
Or the day we had to go catch up on our immunizations and the kind doctor at the free clinic wondered whether Julia had a hearing problem because of her accent. He was amusingly embarrassed when he realized it was her bilingualism. I hadn't realized she talked funny, but I also live with Zoli who often translates directly and thusly says things like: We should go soon until it's still available. Instead of while. Just like Hungarian. So really, would I have recognized an accent? Probably not.

Letter B warned me about this change, and she's right. It's a big shock to find your culture is, hmm, strangely different than where you're coming from. I haven't quite recovered and have already cried regarding the change. But it will all be well. Soon.

Because really, where else would the oreos of our lives have come from? hehe.

p.s. How cute is this pup? My family has a Kennel and this ones mother dried up too soon... I've been nursing him back to health.

p.p.s I haven't knit since arriving but, BUT, I have something I am extremely proud of that I will post as soon as I get a picture of it. Promise.


Kit said...

Glad Julia is enjoying kindergarten and that things are gradually settling down..must be weird going home.

Romi said...

Heeeee. The Oreos of Life! I love it. Absolutely love it. :)

LetterB said...

Glad you're riding the waves. It never completely goes away - at least it hasn't for me. But that's a good thing. That's ultimately the most rewarding thing about surviving in another culture - your perspective is forever altered by being an outsider. You can see the construct of all cultures, including your own. I think the world would be a better place if everyone could go through that kind of experience at least once.

Lisa said...

That's really scarey about your mom. Hope she's doing better now.

Great to hear Julia loves kindergarten too. And that pup is SO adoreable!