Friday, September 28, 2007

the death of iPAQy

Oh, christ on a cracker. Yesterday while rocking out and polishing my mom's hardwood floor, I smooshed my pda. ACK! I aparently have butt bones of steel, because this is not the first time I've run around cleaning with it shoved in my back pocket but it is the first time that my butt has broken an LCD screen. My personal geek says he can probably get a replacement screen on ebay... so it's not the end of the world.
But geez, if this country is welcoming me a little coldly; First, my computer stopped holding a charge and tried to light itself on fire, so I bought a cute little Acer with tons of ram and all that yummy goodness, but guess what? Vista takes up so much fawking memory that it nullifies the extra gig and makes me feel like I'm trapped in 1993 with 256mhz and a DOS prompt. Hmmph! Seriously, it takes 5 minutes to start up. 5 MINUTES.

*bangs head against wall*

Luckily, the selling price of my dying beloved lappy - the sale price of crappier, but pretty! lappy= happy bank account.

Then, all (ALL) of my flip flops broke. Now, I realize this should strike me as trivial, but I now live in California where a sweatshirt and flipflops is perfect winter attire. Plus, we're approaching fall and so, there are no good flippies to buy, unless you're looking for sparkly wedges. Which I'm not.

Now, the damn pda. Lord, I need to get a job to pay for the damages incurred in moving back. There is, thankfully, some light in my rather dark tunnel; new car = awesome! Loving the Nissan Altima. Also, knitting. Am now knee deep in requests for knit goods... pictures still forthcoming, um, next time.

love you all! Monika, I miss you and our crappucinos in cegled!


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl! Nice to see you are busy and lively in the big US of A! (though causing financial damages to yourself, lol). Way to go on the knitting...don't give that up..I still wear your sweater you made me and am lovin' it! :)

Romi said...

No, no, no: obviously you have *buttocks* of steel. Yes, that is definitely it: you are just too much in shape. Time to start lounging around knitting more. ;)

btw, try Old Navy - sometimes they have good flip flops late in the year.

apostol said...

where the hell are you from girlie?
Oh my GOD the flip flop God has spoken!

Thank you for the shout of support, please order lots of flippers!

apostol said...

try this, the other keeps crashing my unit...