Wednesday, July 18, 2007

less filling

Is it just me or is acclimating to the metric system a long and sometimes agonizing process? I try to feel what the number represents, but it is somehow less. I've finally begun to understand that 25 deca (local speak for ordering meats and cheeses) is 250 grams and that, in turn, is one cup, but do you know how bena* I look trying to process all that in an instant. I'm sure by now the counter girls think, "Oh great, here comes the slow american." Also, they measure liquids in decis, or deciliters, so I've got no idea on that front, excepting a half liter which is two cups approximate. I usually just order the median amount and go from there.

Completely unrelated to weights and measurements, but nonetheless related: when ordering ice in this country you actually need to specify the number of pieces of ice you would like in your glass, and you still may only get 3. Just fyi.

Lord have mercy, a huge ass bug just crawled across my chest and I damn near dropped my laptop. Weird, those bugs. Makes me want to watch Naked Lunch or read The Metamorphosis. heh.

immedialtely updated to add: whoops! *bena = dummy

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