Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I come from a desert: Stop with humidity already.

Lord have mercy, it was a hundred and four (104F= 40C) today with, WITH!, humidity and I am just about crawling outta my skin. In all the time Hungary has measured heat, it has never reached a huner'four dontcha know, like my g-pa would say!

And I promise, I'm going to actively seek out a camera with which to display my pretty-pretties. Starting tomorrow. When it will only be 100. heh. I've been stewing over a sweater the last few weeks, and finally cast on yesterday and it is knit in the funkiest olive green/goldy-brown yarn. It's promising to drive me to drink (more) when I try to photograph its chameleon ways.

Do ya'll have a preferred packing method? Cause I do, and it is drastically different than Zoli's. I believe I called him a control freak the third time he questioned my pile of clothing I am currently not using. I do not wear makeup and have essentially no bathroom products which are not both of ours, leave my clothes the hell alone. I already have to leave behind my insanely expensive beloved cookware and tupperware (the MIL is a sales rep for both. yay free stuff!) So I feel justified in packing up a dress I've never even worn. Just because. Ya know? Julia spent most of the day in the bathtub, cooling off but also "cleaned" her room for hours.

"Is it okay if I play with my toys first and clean after?"

But, of course my dear.

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