Thursday, June 07, 2007

listed in no particular order

wow. so i sit here every morning, maybe afternoon, and i'll be thinking about a post i want to write and then i never actually write it. to combat this egregious laziness, a bulleted highlights post:

  • zoli lost the camera
  • obviously, julia learned how to ride her bike the next day (5/29/07, mark it on your calendars, hehe)
  • and a solo in her school play the day after that (first time she's participated, she usually orbits)
  • her legs look so bruised, you would think child abuse (seriously, toes to ass one large purple bruise. if she weren't mine, i'd judge)
  • not abused just a clumsy tomboy (combined with biking as fast as possible because it's just no good otherwise)
  • the consul wants to keep us here for up to 10 years (hells to the no!)
  • our lawyer was, in fact, telling the truth (yet still inconsistent)
  • consulate says they follow their own rules regardless of the actual laws (how is this possible?)
  • i learned magic loop, yay! (here)
  • i'm 90% finished with the rowena knockoff (i need to redo the damn sleeve, it's too short.)
  • i'm 90% finished with a cabled v-neck for julia, my own pattern (so. damn. cute.)
  • every day i spend in solitude, it is a day harder to rejoin the world (i don't even email. how sad)
  • thunderstorms still rule all!
am on my way to budapest with more papers from the lawyer, hopefully these will change some minds.


Lisa said...

Hope the papers to Budapest change minds too!

Lisa said...

Oh and congrats to Julia for the bike riding. VERY COOL. Seth is working on that too.

Romi said...

Congratulations to Julia!

And believe me, laws only really work when people decide to follow them. If there's a law and it is not enforced, it is the same as not having a law at all. Sadly, the legal system (everywhere) is seriously flawed. I wish you the best possible luck in navigating it!

LetterB said...

Good luck. Maybe you should also bring some papers that are small and rectangular with faces and numbers on them. Desperate times. I really do hope you can get them to stop jerking you around.

Rebecca said...

Hi! I found your blog through your recent comment on Lisa's blog (Midwestern Mommy)... I'm really enjoying it! Have you been able to travel around Europe at all? I've never been to Hungary. Hope to talk to you soon!