Wednesday, May 02, 2007

stuck in Lodi again

haha, Of course this is ME we're talking about, so no. We're not leaving anytime soon. Which is totally ok (I love doing Nothing more than most people). My dad asked, "Why not move to Canada?" Um, Why move to Canada was my response. By which I mean no offense to any Canucks who may be reading, it just seems weird that because our first choice is denied (California) that we would be all, "Canada, eh? Yeah. Let's move there." Why wouldn't we just stay where we are?

Dads. Silly.

So, what happened was our lawyer in the States told us something and we planned around her being right. She wasn't. Shit happens and maybe we're supposed to be here hanging out with his family, maybe something extraordinary will come as a result, who knows. Zoli's going to talk to the consulate today, he's not sure why, I mean, they already told him not to bother applying but then told him to come discuss it. Why?

In crafty news, I have really gotten into doing The Crafts. Mayhap there's a group for it CraftAnon? I decided that I really needed to knit a rug out of bedsheets and so I ran off to the Turkáló (thrift store) where they sell used items by weight. I bought a couple of sheets, ran home, and begin the ardous task of cutting the sheet into one continuous strip. But duh! I have no needles so large as to be able to actually knit this, but I did have wooden spoons with long handles. I now have callouses and blisters from that project. And zero pictures.

But I do have a point. So, obviously I'm not going to repeat the sheet thing, so I got to thinking. And what I thought up was this:


Out of a sheet.


LetterB said...

LOVE THEM!! Good thing you didn't make them out of one of them funky duvet covers with the big holes in the middle.

Lisa said...

Those are super cute! LOVE them.

Also, sorry to hear about the denied request. I had been thinking of you and wondering how that was going... Thanks for the update.