Monday, May 07, 2007

and we've got a keeper

My latest FO (finished object) It is another version of Minisweater using up some fugly pink multi yarn I was gifted and green remnants. I've been trying since Christmas to figure out a use for this yarn and besides miss dashwood, I've frogged every sweater (3) I've knit. I finally decided the only way I wouldn't gag every time I looked at it (PINK! AGH!) was to use it sparingly.

I used 4mm circs and 4mm dpn's for the sleeves which I did in the round, as I LOATHE seaming. I really like this pattern and it's versatility: I hardly had to do any math to compensate for my smaller needles and yarn.

And presenting Julia's new bike! She's very excited about it and finds a reason to clean it (if she can't ride it). I think being sick had thrown a serious hitch into her biking schedule.

Last, but not least: go check this kid out, HILARIOUS.


Kit said...

Wow you've been knitting up a storm. It looks great - looks like a very complex pattern from the perspective of my rusty knitting skills.

Lisa said...

Supercute sweater woman.

And love the bike too. Your daughter is adoreable!

LetterB said...

great idea for that kind of yarn! love it.