Wednesday, February 21, 2007

mine eyes

It has been roughly 8 years since my last eye appointment. Which wasn't a big deal as the scrip was quite possibly the weakest available (pity glasses: he knew how badly I wanted glasses)(I am such a Loser) until the last six months or so, in which time I've had more migraines than ever. But when my eye started to twitch non-stop for 3 months, I knew I had to do something. That was the deal maker: an eye twitch is hardly bearable once in awhile, but 20 hours of the day for 90 days. GAH!

I stopped by the szemvizsgálo (lit.= eye exam) to check the price of everything and the néni's willingness to deal with my foreignness. She sat me down in front of this fancy computer, turned it on and BAM!, it spit out the answer. It was amazing. No questions to answer, whatsoever. No, better 1, better 2; better 3, better 4, which is how my eye doctor tests the lenses and oh man, was I relieved because I never knew the correct answer. Hmm, could the right answer be 3 or 4? I would seriously struggle with trying to please the eye doctor. Screw my vision, I had to be the best eye patient ever.
(The top picture is basically what the computer looks like, but less 80's cheese, more 21st century chic. Does your optometrist use this funky computer? Or the old fashion big ass mechanical lens dealio?)

So, obviously I was less sweaty once I realized that I had to say NOTHING! There is nothing I can say to a machine as it needs no crazy lady input for it measures each eye with a little out of focus-in focus-out of focus dance and: presto chango! I can finally see!

I picked them up yesterday; this was the least rectangular frame available that also did not double as crazy euro-trashy eyewear. And they have the slightest hint of 50's oomph that made me pay ever so slightly more for the gift of sight.

Onto the world of knitting!
I've started a hooded cardigan for Zoli, he requested all stockinette stitch. But for the love of jesus! how boring is that. Using my womanly wiles, I suggested cables, although I think I called it a LOTR / elvish braid. (hehe, I knew full well that he would dig it if it sounded LOTR-cool) Pictured below is the first repeat of the saxon braid, but vertical. I think it will be purty.

This is Miss Dashwood in multi pink, no bobbles (still can't turn my work) she's headed for Texas to protect the head of one very adorable new baby... Definitely a fun, easy (without bobbles) 1-day knit.

So, How've you been?


Lisa said...

pretty, pretty glasses. So cool. Hope they help!

Kit said...

I like the sound of the computer eye test. i also was of the dubious answer pleasing the optwhatsit persuasion and was never completely sure whether or not I needed the glasses or whether I'd fudged the answers just to get them! I could do with an accurate retest now that I can't read without the glasses any more, very inconvenient as I spend hald my reading time looking for the glasses.
BTW like your new blog design, very funky!

tkkerouac said...

very nice!

LetterB said...

Cool specs! I want glasses too, but alas my eyes are fine. Can't wait until I need reading glasses.

I am trying to get up the nerve to try cables - it doesn't seem that terribly hard and yet I am totally intimidated. Also, i am pattern-impaired so i know it would take awhile. Looks beautiful, i am sure Zoli will love it.