Sunday, April 01, 2007

LOTR cardigan done!

Well, the cardigan for Zoli is finished as of a week ago. I meant to put up the pics then, but we were attacked by a crazy week long cough til you puke party. I also wanted to snap some pics of the sweater in action, the zipper action, the hood, well everything, really.

I am so proud of myself. Not only is the first hooded cardigan I've knit, but it is the first zipper I put in, as well as my first pattern. All in all this took one month and one week to accomplish. It also took three passes at each part which pretty much tripled the time it should have taken... Oh well, live and learn.

Yarn: Tweed Extra 20% wool, 72% acrylic, 8% viscose 50g ~ 90m, 14 skeins
needles: 5mm circular and dpns; sleeves knit in the round, body knit in one piece.
pattern: my own using saxon braid pattern.

The hood was specifically requested as "over the top large" and so that alone swallowed 5 skeins... My husband has a more feminine taste in clothing and wanted flared sleeves with no hem.

working pictures forthcoming...


Kris said...

Oh God I want that sweater. * drools* Good job. :D

Lisa said...

I Bow before you and your knitting prowess. That's a very cool hooded sweater!

LetterB said...

Holy Christ! That is some beautiful work.