Monday, April 09, 2007


Have ya'll been holding out on me? This is fricking awesome, this book mooch idea. Am in heaven...
I gotta sit down and breathe.

In the wonderful world of knitting:
I am kicking some serious butt. Since completing the cardigan, I've finished quite a few other projects as well, including my first felting project. Which was interesting, to say the least. (It turned out too big and I messed up the star.) It pays to know something about the wool you are trying to "ruin". I finally (FINALLY!) found 100% wool at the craft store... There was nary a label and very few color choices. I figured it must be házimunka gyápjú, I can just imagine some old lady carding her wool and hand dyeing it. Although, I have to say it was super lanolin-y and not very clean. Is all wool like this? It made my hands hurt, sticky, and stinky. Gotta say, not loving the wool.

Here's a view of the wrong side with the intarsia, this was my first intarsia project and although,m I began a little wobbly, I'm fairly certain I now know what I'm doing.

I also received some very pretty gray-green mixed yarn for the birthday and I already knew that I wanted to make myself a bag from that, so it worked itself up nice and quick like. (The gall! I made myself something, can you believe it!) But apparently, I cannot count as the inside is slightly askew... oh well.

And finally, a little sumpin-sumpin for the girls in the fam... Spring is rebirth and cleansing, but also chocolate and bunnies, so tessék! (here you are) I saw this idea somewhere, but where? No clue. They're little soap cozies and according to Julia, "using it was FANTASTISIC!" I used a 50% wool yarn and so I'm hoping they'll be reusable.

Oh yes! Happy Easter/passover/spring/whatever you celebrate. I hope it was riddled with joy. And also chocolate. Aaaand, maybe some alcohol.

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Kit said...

I heard about the book mooch thing a while back, but there was no-one in South Africa then - I looked just now and there are ten people but the selection is mostly Christian books or early education for children...and I've got tons of childrens books, but I'll keep looking now you've reminded me about it - Thanks!

Hope you had a good Easter too and all your wool projects are thriving.