Thursday, February 08, 2007

success in knitting

just a knitting update before parent's day at kindergarten. One has to be pretty creative here to not go crazy from lack of choice, this is especially hard for spoilt-americans who are used to finding anything their little hearts desire. But here in Hungary, good yarn is impossible to come by, now on the other hand, if what your heart desires is every type of Red Heart for 3.5 - 4.5 mm needles then I guess you're in heaven.

Also? no fricking 100% wool because apparently it doesn't sell... argh! Luckily, I can write a request and when the truck comes, the kezimunka-néni will inquire as to its existence.

What I have been able to create are these two winter hats...

[updated to add]

The first is of my own creation. CO 72, I used 4mm dpns and a multi-blue acrylic for the first 6 rounds in k1,p1 rib. I then picked up a second yarn, a beautiful deep blue and knit in moss stitch until 3 in. I then drop multi yarn and worked 4 rounds in yo, k2tog. Pick up multi yarn, resume moss st 2 more inches. I dropped the multi-yarn and began decrease rows knit 7, k2tog, k 2 rounds, k 6, k2tog, etc. until 12 st remain, thread through, break yarn. weave in all ends.

The second is a pattern I found at magknits... here to be exact, although I did take some liberties to make it less pointy on top. The flower is from here. The bead, my own.

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LetterB said...

Gahrgeous! The two of yous. I'd be jealous of that cute hat, except I don't have to be! Thanks again. ;)