Saturday, February 03, 2007

if only

If I could bring an unlimited amount of just one wine....

it would have to be Honig Cabernet Sauvignon.

Have you ever heard of this winery? At 2 of the restaurants in San Francisco I worked at, we carried both their Sauvignon Blanc and the Cab. Both are great wines, honest, but my twue lub is a BIG cab. Honig Cab is big and beautiful and man, if I wouldn't trade my husband for a case.

As far as pricing goes, it's comparable to much more expensive Cabernet's, so for 35 bucks, it's both an investment and a deal. Plus, they are good people. I know. I bought wine from many a salesman while serving time as restaurant manager, but only once did I ever go after a wine.

So, if you're in the continental US, have a couple extra bucks, and love a good glass of wine then I envy the night this amazing wine arrives on your doorstep.

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Lisa said...

Hmmm. Will have to try this wine that you speak of...