Saturday, December 02, 2006

success is guaranteed with a lil' sponge bob

Hoo Doggy! 48 hours of semi-intense labor while wiping a furiously dripping nose and voila! a successful birthday party attended by none other than Sponge Bob himself and the boyfriend, Patrik.

Thursday morning bright and early, suffering from my first sinus infection in YEARS, I started to bake this cake. It is quite possibly the easiest AND delicious-est chocolate cake on the planet. By noon she was ready to be transformed into the ultimate birthday cake: Sponge Bob Squarepants. (She LOVES "Spongabob", I don't get it.)

I enlisted the help of my slightly more artistic husband to make sure sponge bob looked like sponge bob and I took care of making sure that it tasted good. We are a good team...

Friday was Julia's birthday and swimming day at pre-school, so we got up extra early and had cranky chocolate pancakes with a candle. Her Gramma had already taken care of the school party prep and they had chestnut cake with another candle at school. For a total of 3 cakes eaten, 16 candles blown out, and 2 firework-sy candles. A very successful 5th birthday.

It was like a first date: the kid's table consisted of Julia and Patrik and they cheers-ed with Kid's champagne in real champagne glasses.

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Lisa said...

The cake looks cool. Kudos to you! The "date" is SO cute!