Monday, September 25, 2006

when politics and tv programming coincide

Last night I was truly ecstatic, after almost an entire year with really bad t.v programming I had hit the jackpot. Starting at 6pm both (yes there are only 2: the equivalent of Fox and the WB) decent channels were sporting A-MAZ-ING Sunday evening programming. The absolute kicker to this was that the programming seemed to have changed drastically; as recently as Friday night the big 8 o'clock movie was Lethal Weapon (that's right the first one). But last night? On TV2 - Freaky Friday followed by The Truman Show followed by, well, I forget, I had already fallen asleep, but my husband assures me it was good despite not knowing what it was either. On RTL Klub - James Bond (the Pierce Brosnan one, which by the way, not so good.)

Both channels are preparing for an exciting week of really, actually, decent movies. I was excited. I usually spend my evenings watching burned episodes of FRIENDS. As I was relaying all of this super exciting information to Zoli I see this lightbulb go on inside his head. He interrupts me with Conspiracy Theory - Hungary. According to my husband (who is unqualified as he has no actual proof), the government has bought the silence of the 2 biggest channels by paying the fees necessary to play hip, cool, and only slightly out of date movies.

Now, the country has been in civil disquiet for about a week and we're thinking that since the P.M. doesn't want to resign and the protestors want him to resign, that playing really cool movies during the protesting time is the best way to get the sheeples to stay home and fall asleep with visions of Hollywood bouncing in their petrified brains. This is far better than if the protestors were to, I don't know, continue to protest, growing larger with every gathering until democracy wins and Gyúrcsány is forced to resign. Fucking Brilliant!

"Hey, hon. What should we do tonight? protest the corrupt politician or watch The Truman Show?"
"OMG, I can't believe they're playing a movie worth watching! Oh we have to watch it. Screw the country!"


Food Mum said...

He's probably right!

Lisa said...

Who knows. He could be right. BUt way to find the silver lining!

meredith said...

I sometimes get suspicious when public tv all of sudden gets good in France.

I am here via south africa :)