Wednesday, September 27, 2006

it's a sad world but also kinda funny

After Julia fell asleep last night, we decided to recapture our childhood and watch one of her movies. Specifically, El Dorado. My husband finds every innuendo hysterical; it cracks his shit up! Anyway, we're watching, him laughing spastically and me narrarating. We get to the part where Cortes tells Zekel-Khan, "there is no El Dorado here, you lying heathen," and thus, my diatribe:

Me: Yeah, you lying heathen. Where is our gold? We've come to rape your women, spread disease, steal your gold, and kill you. Jesus said we could, so there.

Z: (doesn't get it at first) yeah, huhhuh. Jesus said so... HAHA, JESUS SAID SO! Ahahahahahaha...

Recently, another person has joined our family. Well, he joined the family 2 years ago, but has only recently moved in with us. His name is Rico and according to Julia, his number is a 4 and a 5 (meaning his age is 45), possibly making him the oldest imaginary friend ever. I hadn't realized he lived with us until I laid down on J's bed and was promptly reprimanded for "squipping" Rico. So, So sorry, Rico.

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