Tuesday, June 20, 2006

i've been over here...

Well, the rain has finally stopped over here in the land of exile and went from 55° to 95° in two days. In celebration of the sun, we went fishing (Zoli's the flyfisherman and I just read!) in the Zemplén region of Hungary. I thought a photo session might be in order.

Here's my man and his tiny trout!

The village of Pálháza.

These are wooden statues of the 7 tribe leaders that led the Hungarian clan to the Carpathian Basin.

an interesting church built into the hill.

All in all, it was a very cool trip despite it taking 3 hours to go 100 miles! But we more than made up for it with $1 beer! I finished Blackberry Wine; another fabulous read by Joanne Harris, the author of Chocolat. I reread the We Thought You Would Be Prettier by Laurie Notaro and started to reread The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean Auel; which happens to be one of my favorites as I am fascinated by the DIY real living it describes.

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