Friday, April 14, 2006

Boring even myself, I am

God, I am a loser. I have free time every moment of my life and I cannot think of anything to post.

Here's some sassypants genius with the words...

Yes sir, mommy. (salute and all)

See, it don't works.

member when were's-a-goin' outside? close your eyes and you can member.

I need a ring-bell for waking time. (an alarm clock)

I'm gonna tell Grandma that you was not letting me to do that.

And now, some Z genius with the words...

Where's the waking up device? (again with the alarm clock)

Recipe link

Holy scrumdilicious! Although I did substitute almonds for the pecans... but holyhell they were awesome! As a child, I thought it was soooo weird that my mom and grandma would read cookbooks?! Well, I am officially old as I too now spend a good portion of my online time reading recipes.

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