Saturday, March 25, 2006

Superheroes, horses and makeup

Sassypants LOVES superheroes, horses and makeup?! One of her favorite cartoons is Justice League and according to her the characters are named:
"Superman" - easy enough
"Batman" - again most children know this in utero
"The Fast" - the FLASH
"greenguy" - Green Lantern
"flies girl" - Hawkgirl

Her imaginary horse's name is Trigger Blue and she invites him on all outings and runs/gallops while slapping her ass because apparently, Trigger Blue is holding out speed. She also has the largest collection of horses not of the My Little Pony variety. She once earned a dollar for cleaning her room, and invested wisely in a plastic horse from the local grocery. Aptly, he is named: Dollar Horse.

I don't know WTF is up with the makeup. As I am fundamentally against the idea of masking and own ZERO makeup products (does chapstick count if flavored?), I can only assume she learned this from the costumed celebration of Lent. All the children at her "school" dressed up on the Thursday after Fat Tuesday in celebration of Farsang... Since then she has gone apeshit for makeup and would like "dat stuff for my eyeballs" in her easter basket.

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