Thursday, March 30, 2006

Appealing to both Brits and Yankees

I have a pretty heafty fear of embroidered aspirations on my clothing. This whole phobia is enhanced when shopping for pants suitable for my belly dance class. It seems that in my price range I have to announce to everyone (that looks at my ass) that I am an angel, bad girl or swetheart [sic]. Why? Why do women find it so enjoyable to wear their mass produced mission statement on their ass?

That being said, I finally found a zippered-hoodie that had met my every criterion. I was trying it on, deciding how much comfy joy it would give me and twirling in the mirror when I noticed it had embroidery on the back! argh! Not just embroidery but My Favourite British spelling and everything in PINK. Why can't we just mass produce comfortable lounge wear that sends no message of self appraisal?

On a different note, I have a date! And it is to be conducted in English! And it isn't with my husband! (There will probably be less exclamation!)
The local English teacher got wind of my presence, as I am the only other American here it was wont to happen, and get this, she wrote me a note. She passed it to the 5 yr old who told of my presence, the 5 yr old passed the note to the teacher and the teacher gave it to me. How great is that. We're going out tomorrow night for cheap beer and crappy live music. I'm gonna have a friend, unless she's a Jesus freak but maybe still.

I'm not an angel, a bad girl or a swetheart but this hoodie has proven to be my favourite.

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