Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The importance of wedding vows

When I got engaged and married within a 2 week period, I made a vow that wherever he went, I would follow. I meant this. I love travel, languages, and my husband. I knew that marrying him meant that my life would be forever in flux; that I might not have a home in the traditional sense but rather a series of places to call home, temporarily. We are from different continents he and I, and we came back to his home six months ago. They made us. Immigration problems and aging parents led us back. Our dreams of what it be like were grandiose and leading up to the relocation we never really considered the possibility that we wouldn't be successful.
We arrived with the onset of winter and slowly like the leaves from an autumn tree, our dreams have been falling. They've been trampled underfoot and buried under snow. Sometimes it feels so unreal being here. Being. Seeing doors close and heads shake, listening but not understanding, watching the worry eat at him while he sits and thinks.
The reformation of dreams is an arduos process. The winter is a lonely, dangerous companion and I am looking forward to the spring.

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