Thursday, March 02, 2006

All things cow, mmm

The other white meat.
For me it has always just been the other choice - Pork chop, ham, bacon and loin = infrequently and without much ado = edible. Whereas beef is THE choice - filet mignon, top sirloin, beef bourguignon = yummy and worth the expense = fucking necessary.
A quick side-note. I was diagnosed at 2 weeks of age with an odd alergy, namely, COWS and all things cow. So for 25 years I had never tasted the deliciousness that is beef meat and was in fact an hardcore ovo-vegan for about 10 years. Until it happened.
I worked at an italian restaurant in San Francisco, every night after the last table left we were served family meal. According to the "menu" our lasagne was made traditionally with lamb meat. This particular night we were served this traditional lasagne, which I ate. Normally when served a huge helping of pasta at 11:30 PM, I kindly declined as filling my body with carbs in the middle of the night is not conducive to well, (scoff it up) weight management. This particular night I agreed, I was famished as I had just had my ass kicked by 6 hours of relentless ASS-KISSING. I was halfway through when the chef came out and TOOK MY BOWL AWAY. I not so nicely asked what the fuck he was doing and he told me. They only used 25% lamb meat, the rest was ground beef! gasp. I didn't know what would happen. Would I die? Have to go to the hospital? Was I already feeling sick? It was a very long night. When I realized that NOTHING, except a slight stomach-ache, had happened, I decided what the hell. And it's been downhill ever since. On second hand, there was nothing quick about that, was there?
In Hungary pork isn't the OTHER choice, it is the ONLY choice aside from poultry. So, I figure we eat chicken or duck twice a week leaving 5 dinners and 7 lunches a year. 52 weeks times 12 meals in a week that we now eat pork, 624 times a year I try to creatively serve pork.
I am running out of options. I am 17 weeks into Hungary and have no idea what to serve. I suffer from a rare disease that refuses to let me eat leftovers and the same dish more than once a week.
Except today. Today my mother-in-law has bestowed upon me some very nice BEEF MEAT! Which, of course, comes with a price. She knows how much we enjoy the beef and so she barters Tupperware for prime cuts. She won't let us pay for it and so I will have to bake some really good goodies in order to repay her. (Which isn't really a price but I am amazing at cracking under pressure.)
Upon receiving this gift, I instantly decide: fuck the cut, I'm making me some beef bourguignon! The recipe for which you can find here . For those of you who've never tasted beef bourguignon, it is the downhomiest the French get. (and yeshuh that is a word) But like all things French, it requieres dirtying a lot of dishes. It is perfect on a cold day, it fills not only the tummy but the spirit as well.

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