Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Translating jokes does not work

I started going to 'hastanc' or belly dancing, if you will, with my sister in law some time ago. Since starting I have learned two very important things: 1- I am not sexy and therefore should not be belly dancing and 2- I don't have rhythm.

But it is fun and it allows me two hours of freedom, two hours in which I am forced to speak a language I don't speak and prove to the world that I still don't got no rhythm.

When I get home I am on fire, I talk Zoli's ear off, relating all the minute details of my precious time away. He lets me ramble on as we delve deeper into the individual differences of word usuage between our languages and we finally end up on jokes. Zoli apparently likes jokes that aren't traditional jokes about the police or polish but deeper, funnier jokes:

z: here's a joke that I like. What is the name of the bird that brings babies? I always forget...

me: uh, a stork?

z: A stork? I don't think I have ever heard that word before. So, why do storks have long legs?

me: why?

z: So the frog doesn't kick him in the balls!

me: What? What frog?

By this point the husband is on the floor, he finds it THAT funny. I still don't get the joke but allright. whatever.

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