Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sticks and Stones, bitch.

Talking about people while they are in the room is just plain mean. Just because you believe them to be inept at speaking the language does not mean that they can't UNDERSTAND the language.

What the fuck is she talking about, you're probably asking yourselves? I'll tell you.

My daughter, the orbiter of my life, attends a prekindergarten school. One of her friends' mom owns a hobby shop where I occasionally shop when feeling "creative." This morning I went into said shop and greeted the woman, thinking that maybe if I'm nice we'll eventually get to know each other and maybe I'll make myself a friend. What I should've been thinking and saying was, fuck you too, asshole.

No sooner had I entered and thrown my greetings around, she scurried behind the counter and started "whispering" about who I was in a voice as loud as her normal voice but singed with that husky sound that makes one believe they are whispering. FYI people, whispering is audible and instinct tells you to listen closer. I was across the store and I heard her. "oh, she's the "amerikai" who doesn't speak Hungarian, her daughter is in my daughter's class and do you know what happened at parent's day? blah blah blah...

Now I realize that after posting about this day, I am officially one step further from the "mom of the year" award nomination, but that is my fucking right. I, not anyone else, spent 3 hours and 15 minutes just pushing her out not to mention all the rest.

But I digress. The point of this story is to make a promise.

If I talk shit about your kid, I promise I will do it in the politest of ways: I'll wait until you leave the fucking store.

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