Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The stork has arrived

Finn Leigh was born August 1st at 2:51 am. Everyone is healthy and not even big sister Julia could be happier!

Somewhere between January and now, we decided we liked the nickname too much and decided to call her Finn. You'd be surprised how many people raise an eyebrow when told her name!


Marigold said...

Congratulations! glad to hear y'all are doing okay :)

sherriknits said...

That is so strange, I was here just last night to see if you were still around and maybe that bloglines wasn't picking you up.

I also was reminded that you are the one who introduced me to G diapers.... my daughter is going to use them. She's due in 2 weeks, so really...and day!

Congratulations on such a beautiful baby, and Julia is beautiful, too. I like the name Finn.

Kit said...

Congratulations - they both look gorgeous. I like the name Finn too. Good luck with all the early baby days.

jb said...

Finn is a perfectly legit name.

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Romi said...

What beautiful kids! Congratulations. :)