Monday, November 19, 2007

um. whoops.

um. I know I've kinda gone awol, but honestly, I've been having a ball getting to know my parents as an adult. It's pretty cool and will probably get old, but for the moment it's great. I've been such a slacker here and still want to share the loverlies that have fallen off the needles...

Julia's having a ball getting brilliant and we've reached a common platform. Although, being dumber than her teacher has its drawbacks. It is so weird that she rides the bus to school, but her new "friend" Jackson rides the same route, so there is motivation! She's hard at work reinventing the English language. For example:
pulling a fart (falling apart)
paint nolish (nail polish)
halky-talkies (walky-talkies)

I hope to be back soon. Know that I'm reading. Happy Thanksgiving.


letterb said...

Miss you! Happy Thanksgiving. Should be fun to have a proper one after your time away.

Lisa said...

Hope your Turkey day was a happy one! Sounds like you've been happy-busy.