Thursday, February 01, 2007

common sense not so common

I'm not used to chillen's crawling into bed with me in the middle of the night. While we definitely have our battles with Julia sleeping has never been one of them. Which is for the better, as I am not the one you want to startle awake from a dead sleep. It's not pretty. But last night she did. at 2:15a.m., no less. Apparently, she "couldn't sleep" and would pretty please like to watch cartoons. I kindly, let her in bed with me and mumbled that it is Time. To. Sleep. I rolled over only to be poked in 15 minute intervals for the next hour, "because Mommy? I still can't sleep." And finally, an hour later, "I'm too hot."

Hot? It's January and while maybe not the coldest winter in recorded history, we are cheap and do not run our heaters at night because of the down comforters and footie pj's. But hot? I am suddenly awake, questioning if she is sick and going into emergency mom mode when she tells me, giggling, that she has on two (TWO!) pairs of footie polar fleece pj's and is trying to sleep under the world's toastiest down comforter. The kid that sweats with a hat on when it is about 2 degrees. DUH.

I escort her back to bed, relieve her of her fiery inferno, and let her listen to her current favorite cd: Butterfly something or other trance. Yes, my 5 year old has been recruited by my husband (they hang out listening and dancing) as a devotee to trance. Oh. Not like the crap found in a disco or club, more like really mellow/progressive lullabies, only electronic not Raffi. Obviously cooler without all the polar fleece she falls asleep in 30 seconds and I am still awake.

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