Tuesday, January 23, 2007

it's official

While my spoken Hungarian is understandable at best, my comprehension is stronger than ever. This past weekend we were invited out to a nearby village where Zoli's fishing buddy lives. I was nervous as I knew the boys planned on fishing for at least 4 hours on Sunday and that is a whole lotta me and the magyar wife. Although there were many missed details, I somehow managed to keep my half of the conversation relevant.

It was also refreshing to get out of the damn apartment and go somewhere already. There was no plan: just food, drinks, and hanging out. I think it went well (besides having Julia in our bed snoring because she suddenly became very afraid of the dark). Even Julia was excited and had fun: they have a ten year old girl and a two year old son. And while the baby definitely stole some of her thunder, the girl helped by doting on her every wish. Julia's only remark about the baby boy was this, "Mommy, I think I would like a baby sister now. Not a brudder."

The baby's an early riser and so much sleep was lost, so much so that it took AN ENTIRE HOUR to wake Julia up this morning to go to school.

Now that's a good weekend.


LetterB said...

Good for you! It must have felt great to beat down that stupid language barrier. You are learning one of the most complex languages on the face of this good green earth so give yourself a big pat on the back. Awesome.

Lisa said...

Very cool for you!

Kit said...

food drinks and hanging out are the most important elements in the weekend period..glad you had a good time.