Saturday, November 04, 2006

Microplane essential to foreign life

I found this shipping list from last year in my recipe book. It's a rather impressive list, no? Hmm, dvd's, clothes, and LOTS of kitchen utensils. Worse yet, the first thing I put on the list is microplane, not clothes and therefore deemed it considerably more important to grate lemon peel than dress myself. (Think of the things I can make. What if they didn't know about grating lemon peel, then what would I have done?)

The measuring cups were actually spoons that measure both tsp/Tbl and that pesky metric system. Therefore completely essential. Whereas, the silicone brush was completely gratuitous and quite stupid frankly, as it was a gift from my mom AND from Sweden and now is the property of some pesky-metric-measuring-Magyar. Yes, that item never made it.

I did ship these things, and a lot of other "important things": it took two months to arrive, and "somehow" a hole formed in my box and the silicone brush and jewelry "fell out". Uh-huh, sure. By "somehow", they meant "an employee" and by "fell out", they meant "taken out". I'm on to you, Magyar Posta. There's always a valid reason as to why amazon won't ship somewhere.

So, why didn't they steal the dvd's you ask? haha, the dvd's were hidden in between vacuum-packed clothing, how smart am I? Actually a bit paranoid is a better summary as they are not the legalest of legal, if you catch my drift...

As for the baking bible, I actually would like to be buried with it and cannot believe I didn't pack it with my carry-on. Playing it fast and dangerous, I tell ya.


Food Mum said...

I hope the vanilla extract made it too.
Our supermarket was out of vanilla essence (not the proper stuff but a reasonably flavoured substitute)and I bought the replacement brand, though it looked suspiciously medicinal. Yeuch! No resemblance to anything vanilla ever. Now I know why Nigella is always emphasising good quality vanilla extract in her recipes, this stuff ruins everything it touches.

Lindsey said...

I can't believe your things were taken! That is so wrong. Maybe you can teach me something about baking/cooking...I am HORRIBLE!

Pamela said...

I can't resist anything refered to as "the baking bible" along with the words "[want] to be buried with it" except that I can when it's out of print and used prices are inflated. My husband bought me The Bread Baker's Apprentice last year. Maybe I should spend more time getting to know that one.