Sunday, November 12, 2006

hand of hand combat awaiable

We encountered this warning on the ferry at Lake Balaton. It's not a very clear shot because, well, I suck at the camera thing. But I will give you a close up as well as tell you what it says, in case the blur is making you nauseated. It reads: passangars without awaiable tickets will be punished extra 6,ooo Ft.
My first thought after reading it was rather in the gutter. Is it just me? Come on, you will be punished extra! Not just punished but extra! hehe.

And, um, I don't know your (Balaton Ferry Company) needs, but I'm awaiable for copyediting...


Julia is more tomboy than girl. She loves playing rough: tickle fests, karate chops to Daddy's shin, running across the wood floor and sliding on her knees. She is easily riled, hard to calm down. As a counter-attack tonight, she declared mano duh mano combat.

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Lisa said...

That is too funny. Yup. I think you could easily get a job as a copywriter/editor there! They NEED you!