Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hamupipőke (Cinderella)

Translated from the Hungarian...

Z: ...well, if you're not listening then why don't you read me a story.

J: Ok. Cinderella had to work a lot. Cinderella had sisters who made her work. Cinderella had a mom who wouldn't let her go. Cinderella said, "Oh, little mouse, I can't get out of my room," said Cinderella. The mean mommy wouldn't let her out and um, she couldn't go to the... what's it called?

Z: The Ball?

J: Yeah, and Cinderella is having a magical lady and she puts her clothes on. In this story they're not sparkly, but in the other Cinderella, her clothes are bery sparkly.

Z: Well, this book is a little more real and the Disney version is a lot more sparkly.

J: Ok, so Cinderella wants to go, but she doesn't know how to get out of her room. Cinderella says to the little birdy, "I don't know how to get out. Help me." The little birdy doesn't know how to help Cinderella but gets the magical lady. Cinderella goes to the ball, and dances with the Prince... Oh no, is this about true love? Cause I don't like kisses.

(This book is quite a bit more real, written by Grimm, it features this scene where the evil stepsisters try to cut off their feet in order to fit the tiny gold slipper...)


While playing with three skeins of yarn, Julia introduces love.

Yarn #1: And then we go-ed to play.
Yarn #2: And we found "true-love", it is sumpting like marriage, but terrible.
Yarn #3: True love and kisses, ooh, terrible.


warcrygirl said...

Wuv, twue wuv...I'm not so much into the sparkly stuff myself. Happy Nov 1st!

Lisa said...

I like the sparkly stuff too! :-)

Food Mum said...

Happy NaBloPoMo to you too! True love and kisses and happily ever after - we like them!

Kizz said...

I don't think anyone has put the truth about true love so succinctly. It IS just like marriage only TERRIBLE.

Stopped by thanks to the NaBloPoMo randomizer.