Saturday, September 09, 2006

where do they learn this stuff?

So, I'm helping Julia clean all her ladybits in the bath last night (with a running commentary the whole time so as to instruct her how to take care herself and also because it makes me a little less creeped out touching the almost 5 year old that is no longer my baby) when she suddenly giggles and exclaims, "why you being like a girlfriend?"

Gak, and WTF?

I tried to explain the whole cleanliness burns a lot less theory but could not get the image of an almost 5 year old, no, MY almost 5 year old knowing about girlfriends and boyfriends touching?!?

What in the blazes? I'm sooo not ready for this almost 5 going on rebellious teen transformation.

Mommy needs a martini.

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Lisa said...

Yeah. I'm so not reading for that sort of thing either. Gah.

The one thing I try to burn into my son's mind is that he's NOT allowed to touch anyone's privates, nor is anyone allowed to touch his... I hope he'll follow this rule... Until he's at least 30. heehee