Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Things I never want to forget

"Yike! Yike! Yike! (long pause) Mommy? What do's Yike! means?"

(This is perhaps, the cutest thing to come out of her mouth ever. It sounds so insane. Try it, Yike! no s. Fun, isn't it? Go ahead: run around the house screaming Yike!, I'll wait.)

"What does yikesssss mean? It's like, when you say, 'Oh, my goodness!' but instead you say, 'Yikes!'"

Later that evening Julia is supposed to be brushing her teeth.

"Oh my...Yike!"

"Are you brushing or playing?"

"Yike! Mommy I was dropping my cream (toothpaste) and it scared me; I thought there was a skiller!"

"A skiller? What is a skiller?"

"Da guy whose um, he's comes to get you and it's dark and he get you!"

"Oh, really (what? I don't get it...) well it seems it is just a toothbrush."


Julia just woke up and is playing leap pad and hysterically cried out, "YIKE! There's a skiller in my leapfrog."

I glance over, laugh, and shout, "Yike! It's a skeleton!"

"I knowed that Mommy, I said so. I said it's a skiller."


Lisa said...

Ahhhh. SHe sounds SO ADOREABLE!

Food Mum said...

I'll try that next time I need to release some irritation, run around screaming Yike! cracks me up just thinking about it.