Friday, August 04, 2006

v.b.s. songs ≠Yo La Tengo

Ahhhhh...... normalcy. Life is back to the everyday boredom that occasionally makes me want to run down the street screaming like the "loud American" that I am.

Julia returned on July 19th, accompanied by my mother and auntie. They had six days to spend with us and see the sights. We ran around to see everything, had way to many simple carbohydrates at the family dinners, went to dinner in Budapest with my uncle and cousin, (I know! what are the odds that they would be in Hungary) and I learned that I am an adequate translator.

No sooner had we cried our goodbyes at the airport and scoured the apartment, my cousin called from Odessa, Ukraine to ask if she could spend a week with us before going back to start college. "Sure," we said. "It'll be great," we told her.

It was too much!

Now, ours is a typical communist apartment which means SMALL. The three of us occasionally bump into each other, all the while cursing under our breath. But to compound that with a week of two extra people and a second week of my 18yr old self-indulgent (redundant?) cousin whom I have only met twice, and you're left with: 1) grumpy husband, 2) incorrigible 4yr old, and 3) bitchy menstrual hausfrau.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it!

In celebration of the first day of boredom, we did NOTHING! and it was beautiful. Well, not nothing. We did wake up at 4am to return my cousin to the airport, but the rest of the day was bonafied slacker day.


On a side note, JULIA'S BACK!!!! And she apparently went to Vacation Bible School with her cousins. The kicker to all this is: this years 'theme' was OLE! and she has been singing, "Yo tengo un amigo que me ama, me ama, me ama. Yo tengo un amigo que me ama. Su nombre es Jesus," ever since. Which is the "fiesta version" of I Have A Friend Who Loves Me"

While we are not particularly religious people, we encourage (well, maybe not encourage, but we're open monded people) anyone to share their beliefs but come on, this song can only be listened to so many times before my ears start to bleed.

here she is, enjoying bible school!

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