Wednesday, July 12, 2006

catch and release

Zoli is a fisherman. He comes from a family of hunters and fishermen. Zoli however is addicted to the solitude of the sport and not the bounty, thus he is a strict 'catch and release' fisherman. Except when it comes to a fish called sűlő (pronunciation damn near impossible because or the accursed umlauted vowel sounds) or pikeperch, I think.

Yesterday he went fishing, he came home with 3 of these weird bottomfeeder fish. He spent a long time cleaning them and was salivating to think of the next meal in which they would be featured. I am kind of -eh- about fish. I can do it in a fancypants restaurant, if, -IF- it don't stink and has basically no flavor.

He has spent the previous 2 hours preparing his dish. He just called me in to the kitchen and asked me to try it. Now, I pretended to be all into his fish for dinner idea because I like to think that I am all cool with the kitchen experiments. I go in actually thinking that it doesn't look or smell so bad, I can do this. I take the fork in my hand and peel off the skin, it is light and flaky, I pretend it is halibut cheeks. (why is halibut cheeks one of the only fish bits I will eat?) I put it into my mouth and immediately shriek, Ahhk! My first impulse is to spit it back onto the plate but I resist my urge and continue to chew it like an adult. God, I wish I was a kid and not at all inhibited about expunging the grossness out of my mouth.

Apparently, my little shriek did nothing to assuage my husband of his fish-cooking abilities and immediately asked if we should order a pizza. Turns out he's -eh- about this particular fish as well. So, one of the good things about living a block away from the in-laws; they feasted well.

I think Zoli will be strictly a catch and release guy from now on.

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Food Mum said...

Sounds like he's got a good sense of humour - many fisherman would sulk for days if their spot of providing for the family was rejected!