Friday, May 12, 2006

roadrage, the alphabet game

When driving in the City, it is important to understand and practice car communications. Blinkers, hazards, lights; they all play an integral role in communicating your intentions to the cars around you lest you believe that all roads were created for your personal misuse.
I was driving in Piedmont (Oakland) recently and was behind a car whose driver had failed to learn this important car language. Julia was in the backseat and while displaying roadrage and swear words is fun to do in front of small children, I tried to make a game out of the total frustration I felt toward the jackass in front of me.

me: H is for Hazards! what'cha doing blue car?

j: I like blue cars. can we get one?

me: Probably not. P is for Parking which if you want to do, S is for Signaling! B is for Blinker! G IS FOR GO, GO, GO!!!!

j: Mama, what's for no?

me: N is for No.


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