Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Did you know?

that for 8 years I was a vegan. I bought organic foodstuffs from a warehouse collaborative. I had no reason for being one, I just thought it sounded like fun.

that I lived on a "commune" in the mountains until our house was raided by ATF and the DEA, they thought some friends of ours lived there... Nothing like a house raid to make you reevaluate your life decisons.

that I've lived in 23 different houses/apartments in in 11 years. (not because of house raid, scout's honor)

that I lived in a house that had no indoor plumbing. The shower was outside. One of my favorite memories is of showering in January in the snow, looking at the mountains.

that I grew up a typical 3rd child. I always felt ignored; you would've too had your mom forgotten to pick you up at least 10 times between 8th grade and 10th grade. Once I sat at school until after dark, trying to call someone on the pay phone to pick me up. (only the rich had a cell phone then) At 10:30 pm the baseball team got back from their away game and I got a ride home.

that I was grounded for getting said ride home because it was with a boy.

that I tried to invent my own identity in 7th grade, by telling lies about myself. Delusions of grandeur. My sister was a prom queen, my brother a star football player. People referred to me as "little michelle" or "Oz's little sis" until I was 18. I imagined myself some exotic international person, with an actual first name. I decided that English wasn't my first language and that I was born in an airplane over international waters?!

that as a child I had no friends. I had books.

that I learned how to iron and sew at 5.

that I spent 3 years as a toddler in speech therapy. Apparently, as a 3 yr-old, there were 24 sounds I couldn't make. Like, N, K, SK, S, Z, C, M, etc. Pretty much all the consonants, except T, I was very skilled at saying T.

that my first piano teacher made me cry every week. I didn't tell my mom for 2 years...

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Lisa said...

That is wild that you lived in a commune. How did you get into that situation? I bet that stories you have from that experience is worth a thousand posts! :-)